November 6th, 2019

The Reliable Review – Spring Edition 2019

Reliable Plumbing Celebrates Another Graduate!

Kieren is a specialised scheduled maintenance technician, although he has been involved in many different areas of plumbing. After beginning his apprenticeship with Reliable Plumbing Services in 2015, he has recently applied for his plumbing registration.

Kieren has developed an array of different skills and competencies during his 4 year apprenticeship, learning something new every day. Although, Kieren’s learning will not stop there as we continue to foster his training and development in specialised classes of plumbing.

One of the benefits of operating within the Tertiary Education sector is that our apprentices are exposed to a large variety of plumbing works some of which include general maintenance plumbing, scheduled maintenance, project works and irrigation. Kieren’s average day entails investigating and repairing faults, testing assets and installing a variety of different plumbing devices and equipment.

We recently sat down with Kieren to hear a little about his experience during his apprenticeship.

“Reliable Plumbing has given me a lot of independence and responsibility.”

Kieren went on to say “The team of peers have challenged me and pushed me to grow and management have been very supportive and also provided me with a company car.”

“It’s awesome to work for a company that is efficient, communicative and cutting edge.”

Kieren added “I look forward to continuing to learn more from the team here in the future and hopefully pass on some of the skills I have been taught.”

Congratulations Kieren! We look forward to many more years to come…


Reliable Plumbing Services opens a new office in Port Melbourne!

The past few years have seen some huge growth for our team at Reliable Plumbing Services, and due to the success we have now outgrown our North Melbourne Office.

The team at Reliable Plumbing Services drive innovation and continually add value through service excellence and a deep understanding of the tertiary sector, so that we can create an outstanding experience for students and the university community. To maintain our customer service excellence, we decided to expand our

office so we can continue to grow our team and allow for larger projects.

The new location in Port Melbourne is roughly 3 times the size of our previous space.

The facility runs alongside the West Gate Freeway, only a 5 minute drive from South Wharf. Our new facility will strengthen Reliable Plumbing Service’s presence and offers an abundance of space for our existing 10 full-time office staff, as well as allowing for the future expansion of the team.

We now also have a dedicated space for meetings with our clients, partners and suppliers.

We celebrated our new office launch with a National Breast Cancer Foundation fundraiser staff trivia night on Saturday 12th October. It has been an exciting few years for us in North Melbourne, however…

we look forward to continuing to offer state-of-the-art systems and expert staff to provide the very best results for our clients at our new facility.

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