What we do

Commercial Irrigation

Our advanced irrigation installations help conserve water and improve the system’s overall effectiveness.

Professionally designed and installed irrigation systems are essential for sustainable landscapes, as are the eco-friendly technologies we install to maximise water efficiency. These can include smart rain sensors and weather monitoring systems, reclaimed-water systems and water-management technology.

Maximise water efficiency

We also provide preventative services to avoid hazards such as spillages, backflow or back-siphonage, cross contamination of soils and damage to vegetation. To protect any water supply from potential contamination or pollution from an irrigation system, we install and maintain backflow prevention devices as required by Australian Standard AS3500:1

  • Water usage audit
  • In-house design, installation and maintenance
  • Scheduled maintenance and annual testing
  • Grey-water recovery
  • Automatic rain shut-off systems
  • Smart sensors and Wi-Fi enabled controllers
  • Decoder systems
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Remote monitoring systems
  • Root-zone watering systems
  • Drip irrigation
  • Automatic spray systems